MyEtherWallet Launches Open Source Ethereum Blockchain Explorer to Compete with Etherscan

MyEtherWallet, or MEW, in short, an ERC-20 standard wallet, is set to launch its Ethereum blockchain explorer and data processor, EthVM, on September 15, 2020. The new data processor aims to challenge the status quo set by popular explorers such as Etherscan and Ethplorer offering a better The new MEW explorer is open-sourced, unlike the other explorers, allowing transparency and collaboration for both developers and users. The press release to Bitcoin Exchange Guide news desk reads,

“We believe this will help us discover use cases and solutions that have not been addressed by blockchain explorers before.”

The EthVM explorer will offer “one of the most user-friendly platforms,” allowing users to check the live status of their transactions and gas fees charged. Moreover, the explorer will enable users to confirm a failed transaction and where the funds have been sent to.

The new explorer will introduce a navigation sidebar that details the most frequently used features, charts on the progress of Ethereum, and an easy to navigate list of NFT and ERC20 tokens owned. The EthVM open-sourced platform differs from the native explorers in that it “will not separate internal transactions (those transactions not signed to the blockchain) from the actual transactions.” On Etherscan, the internal and standard transactions are listed differently, which had been confusing in the past.

The MEW dev team first announced the launch of the EthVM Alpha testnet in March 2019, as reported by BEG, offering users a seamless and easy-to-navigate explorer allowing users to follow their blockchain transaction histories, balances, and smart contracts.

As an open-source platform, EthVM is expected to introduce a collaborative spirit amongst new and seasoned Ether “users bidding to make it the most user-friendly explorer.” When asked if the new explorer would be available in the new MEW Mobile app, the team said,

“Yes, we will utilize features provided by EthVM across all of our other products. We believe this will vastly improve the user experience”

Launched in 2015, the MyEtherWallet has grown as one of the most favorable Ethers and ERC-20 wallets, offering updates and UI developments frequently to enhance usability and security. In March, the digital wallet provider launched its mobile app allowing users to check their ETH wallets anywhere.

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