Blockchain Mobile Payment – Kineticex — Trent Partridge Co-Founder

Kineticex – Blockchain Mobile Payment – – Pre-Sale & ICO With Bonus

Pre-Sale Start Date: June 15th, 2018 – ICO Start Date: August 15th, 2018

Kineticex is a blockchain based mobile payment solution for fast, reliable, secure, private and mass services. Only blockchain recognized service profile with major worldwide mobile networks.

– In the Morning at Night
– Trade 24 Hours & 7 Days A Week.
– FIAT, Virtual Currencies, Tokens and CFD Trade
– Mobile Blockchain Payment Solution

Automated purchase/sale of virtual currencies, tokens, as well as purchase and sale for fiat money and CFD trading on virtual currencies.

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Blockchain Conference in Vietnam Amazing! Trent Partridge Kineticex – Mobile Blockchain Payment

Co-Founder at Kineticex, A Mobile Blockchain Payment Solutions

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Translated titles:
Pago móvil blockchain – kineticex – cofundador trent perdiz

Blockchain mobile payment – kineticex – trent Rebhuhn Mitbegründer

Paiement mobile blockchain – kineticex – cofondateur de la perdrix trent

Pagamento móvel blockchain – kineticex – co-fundador da perdiz de trent

ब्लॉकचेन मोबाइल भुगतान – किनेटिस – ट्रेंट पार्ट्रिज सह-संस्थापक

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