Blockchain Conference in Vietnam Amazing! Trent Partridge Kineticex – Mobile Blockchain Payment

Kineticex, A Mobile Blockchain Payment Solutions – – A blockchain based mobile payment solution for fast, reliable, secure, private and mass services. Only blockchain recognized service profile with major worldwide mobile networks.

Again the event was excellent and the Vietnamese people who I encountered all over Vietnam treated me like a million dollars. What great people the Vietnamese are!

Trent Partridge – Kineticex Co-Founder, Author, Social Influencer, Digital Marketer, Foster Parent

I was among super Thought Leaders in the Blockchain space. These talented speakers hailed from Belarus, London, USA, Pakistan and top Vietnamese companies.

– Mr. Trent Partridge – Co-Founder of Kineticex, Author, Digital Marketer, Youth Mentor
– Mr Quy Ngo – Blockchain Expert & Financial Forecaster, Blockchain Strategy Program of Oxford University UK
– Mr. Faisal Mehrban – Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Strategy Program of Oxford University UK
– Mr. Alior Khan – University of Birmingham Software Engineer, Industry leader in Eliot Wavelength
– Mr. Pavel Satsuk – MBA + IT Specialist & Blockchain, Forex and Electronic Money
– Mr. Umer Mohammad – Expert Blockchain Solutions, NodeJS, Ethereum Smart Contract Developer
– Mr. Erik Chu – Expert Blockchain – ICO Marketer, NI Tech Techna's Blockchain Technology Trainer in Vietnam

What is Blockchain? Ecosystem Around Blockchain | Blockchain Life & Business Applications | Price & Forecast | Forecasts in Crypto Analysis | ICO and liquidity | Criteria for Evaluating a Potential | ICO Analysis of Specific Blockchain Application

The speakers spoke in depth about everything Blockchain. Attendees received unbelievable information from the International Blockchain gurus. In addition, after the presentations the speakers answered direct attendees questions for an hour taking turns on their unique expertise.

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Translated titles:
Conferencia blockchain en vietnam trent perdiz c0-founder kineticex – pago móvil blockchain

Blockchain-Konferenz in Vietnam Trent Rebhuhn C0-Gründer Kineticex – mobile Blockchain Zahlung

Conférence blockchain au vietnam trent perdrix c0-fondateur kineticex – paiement mobile blockchain

Conferência blockchain no Vietnã trent perdiz c0-founder kineticex – pagamento blockchain móvel

Hội thảo blockchain tại Việt Nam trent partridge người sáng lập c0 kineticex – thanh toán

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